What is a cleanser?

Cleansers can remove dirt, oil, and makeup from the skin. They can come as a foam, gel, oil, cream, or milk to suit your skin type and particular concerns.

Why should I use a cleanser?

It makes up part of your ‘basics’ routine that is the minimum you should use every day for healthy skin. They deeply clean the skin, which is essential for the health of the skin, even if you never wear makeup.

What’s in a cleanser?

It ranges from gel to cream to oil bases. Some cleansers have lightly exfoliating effects to help treat certain skin conditions. At Belinda Hughes, we strive to find the best products that only contain the best natural plant-based ingredients, free from sulphates that strip the skin.

How often should I use a cleanser?

They should be used once or twice per day to get the best results. It is recommended you cleanse twice if you are wearing makeup. Each product will have its directions, so be sure to read the label before use.

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